Dear Business Partner,

Thank you for your continued support and patronage – we value our relationship and look forward to carrying on, together, that which we have built.

No doubt, you have been receiving notifications of price increases from suppliers, just as we have.  In fact, nearly all of our suppliers have contacted us to announce – or have already implemented – upward price adjustments.

Due to the rapid inflation of our input costs, we are unable to hold our prices any longer, unfortunately.  We must, now, respond with our own price adjustments, please understand.

Please be advised that we will increase our prices for new orders from 1st of September 2021 by 3.6%, after 4 years of price stability.  We react herewith to the escalating cost of materials, as well as availability.

Moving these materials has become more challenging, and the costs quite volatile.  These factors, together with rapidly escalating labor costs and short labor supply, require us to implement new measures, internally, as well.

Rest assured that our management team and team members pursue opportunities to develop improvements to our processes and increase efficiency of operations.  We are investing in projects, which will support the current and future growth of our businesses.

Now you have, still, the possibility to order upcoming projects with the old prices this year.  Current, yearly Master Contracts will stay in force until they are finished, with the agreed prices.

We would be very happy to answer your questions and hope to have a successful partnership with you in the future.

With best regards,

Universal Hydraulik GmbH


Brent Bryan                                                                           Michael Uhl

CSO | COO                                                                             Managing Director

Phone: (419) 873-6340                                                           Phone: +49 6081-9418-18

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