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We invest in our common future!

Our company in a new look

Here you can see the new extended production halls of our headquarter in Neu-Anspach, which we have been in use since June to expand our production of hydraulic systems, lubrication systems and oil-air heat exchangers. Furthermore, our new research & development department has obtained a large hall space.


Here you can see an overall picture of the production in the Czech Republic with the last expansion step in 2019. In 2023-24, we also plan to expand our production capacity there by adding another production hall.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

Currently in August we have started up a 6th production line for shell and tube heat exchangers, which will expand the assembly of large coolers. Furthermore, we will install a third welding robot at the end of the year. In addition, we were able to recruit further employees in production (approx. 40% increase in 2022) in order to be able to handle the continuous high order backlog.

We have expanded our UH sales team, Germany. Mr. Dominik Becker joined our heat exchanger sales team in April to support our US-customers. Since June, Mr. Peter Adrian Krause started sales for hydraulic systems. Both will be a valuable addition to support you in future completely.

In the future, Mr. Clemens Uhl will be mainly responsible for the operational migration of our ERP-system for all 3 locations (D, CZ + USA). He will continue to care for his hydraulic systems customers.

After 33 years at Universal Hydraulik, Mr. Manfred Kambach will not yet be retiring from his job, but will be reducing his responsibilities starting in January 2023 and handing over sales management of hydraulic systems to Mr. Pascal Springer (13 years of employment).

We have just been re-certified in May by TÜV for all 3 countries (D, CZ + USA) according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and the PED and are currently completing the new certification UKCA (Great Britain).

Climate protection is important to us: We are currently investing in large photovoltaic systems and heat pumps for our production facilities, and at in parallel we are currently having our environmental management certified (according to 14001 - environmental certificate).

In close cooperation with our customer and through our expertise in the field of heat exchangers as well as gearbox applications, we have once again acquired a new series customer. With intensive preparation, we have developed a gearbox cooling system specially adapted to this customer.

We are also happy to respond to your individual requirements and wishes and look forward to continuing to work for you!

With kind regards

Universal Hydraulik GmbH

      Michael Uhl

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