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Compact, pressure-resistant, customer-specific, and ASME-certified — Universal Hydraulik supplies the perfect heat exchanger for your water-cooled compressor

For decades, Atlas Copco, Gardner Denver, Kaeser Kompressoren, GD CompAir, Ingersoll Rand and many other major names from the compressor market have trusted Universal Hydraulik GmbH's shell & tube heat exchangers.
The shell & tube heat exchangers from this family-run German company, which are relevant for the compressor segment, are hybrid heat exchangers that unite the best of both worlds. With their unique design in the interior of the shell & tube heat exchanger, they provide decisive advantages for your compressor with regard to longevity and efficiency. On the hot compressed air side of the hybrid heat exchanger, fins are used to expand the surface for heat transfer, and the waterside reaps the advantages of the classic shell & tube heat exchanger. The hybrid heat exchanger is just as compact and affordable as a plate heat exchanger, but significantly more robust, easier to clean, and pressure-resistant due to its steel design. Throughout the entire market, the hybrid heat exchanger (with fins), from Universal Hydraulik, is the only one that is ASME-certified! Originally available in three sizes, you can now choose from eight different sizes of the hybrid heat exchangers from Universal Hydraulik. The largest hybrid heat exchanger is designed for an output of up to 5,000 kilowatts, has a diameter of 500 mm, is up to 4,000 mm long and weighs up to 4 tons.
For the compressor industry, the specially developed "compressed air cooler" from Universal Hydraulik is also ideal. It reduces the air-side pressure loss to a third, and its size is 50% smaller than conventional variants. In this model, the second pipe “piggybacks” the main pipe. In this manner, the required cooling power is achieved with low-pressure losses and an approximately 50% reduction in size.

(Compressed air cooler)
It is not only the length of each individual model that can be adjusted for you in a customer-specific manner: Where size is concerned, Universal Hydraulik offers you eight different diameters, allowing heat exchangers to be supplied for both small as well as extremely large compressors.

For your oil cooling needs, standard hybrid heat exchangers such as the product series "EKM - SCM" as well as a "double heat exchanger" variant are highly interesting. In particular, the latter is suitable for applications in which interruption-free operation is required. This is because the two heat exchangers with switch-over devices easily allow the cleaning or replacement of a heat exchanger to be performed at any time.
Optionally, the heat exchangers can be recognized (in accordance) with the following:
- With ASME "U stamp"
- In accordance with TEMA C
- In accordance with API 614
- With CRN
(Double heat exchanger)
For manufacturers who want even more safety, Universal Hydraulik offers the hybrid concept as a "safety heat exchanger".
(Safety heat exchanger)
In order to prevent an oil-water mixture in the cooler, two different heat exchangers with separate circuits are frequently used. At Universal Hydraulik, you will find both in a single heat exchanger!

The safety heat exchanger was revised in 2014 and is now offered in a hybrid variant. This makes it compact, i.e. reduced to a third of its size, making it just as small as the standard hybrid heat exchanger.
The safety heat exchanger consists of the double pipe principle. It is a hybrid shell & tube heat exchanger with an additional inner pipe inside of its tubes. In the event of a leak inside the inner water pipe or in the outer oil pipe, you will receive an alarm warning from the electronic monitoring system. You now have time to look for a replacement, as the second pipe is still intact. In order to avoid external piping costs, the installation of an internal bypass is also possible.
One of the latest innovations of the company is the "cooler-heater combination", a combination of a hybrid cooler and electric flow-type heater, which allows for the regulation of the temperature of the medium (heating or cooling) in a single device. It is not only multi-functional and ultra-compact, but optionally also 100% fail-safe.
Universal Hydraulik fulfills extremely high quality standards, in that every heat exchanger is inspected four times during production. Furthermore, all coolers are also extremely clean. This is ensured by two separate manufacturing halls. One is used for welding tasks and the other for a clean assembly.

Universal Hydraulik GmbH is a family-run Hessian company spanning 3 generations. For more than 35 years, it has produced hydraulic installations, cooling systems, and heat exchangers which are utilized in many areas of application worldwide. The medium-sized company currently has 125 employees at three locations, and is continuously growing. Originally from Germany, Universal Hydraulik opened an additional production facility in the Czech Republic almost 20 years ago, and expanded itself with an additional production facility in the United States 5 years ago. Its customers value not only the first-rate quality it delivers, but also its reliability of supply and customer-specific solutions for coolers and systems.
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