Industry 4.0 Fluid-Monitoring Systems:

Industry 4.0 with aggregates of Universal Hydraulik 

Universal Hydraulik 4.0 Fluid monitoring Systeme

Due to linkages of sensors on our hydraulic applications, we are now ready to provide Industry 4.0 applications. Focusing on the customer’s needs, we want to build and lead you through the fourth industrial revolution.

Leading Theme Predictive Maintenance

“Predictive Maintenance” is the new trend in mechanical engineering. The goal for the industry is clear, but the market fails to offer ready-made solutions and applications to lower the error rates (or increase the MTBF – Mean-Time-Between-Failure).


Universal Hydraulik is presenting a hydraulic power unit with an intelligent electronic control system. Data is being collected centrally by sensors and is able to connect with the Ethernet to send the information’s directly to a server. With our partner ifm Elektronik, we analyze and archive data in real time. That is how we are able to plan maintenance and eliminate machine errors.

Partner for Hydraulic

We develop and create electrical control systems for fail-safe and autonomous working back-up systems, low-noise power packs, energy-saving speed-controlled cooling systems, or hydraulic solutions for your needs.

We also provide you with standardized and individual controls for our heat exchangers and pre-heaters.

Our UH-Safety Heat Exchanger is Suitable for Predicitve Maintenance 4.0


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