WRV - Water regulating valve (temperature controlled)

The WRV consists of an adjustment part, a valve, and a thermostatic element. The spring housing of the adjustment part is provided with a neutral scale reading from 1 to 5. The valve housing has an internal thread to provide a connection facility for pipes. Sealing of the valve spindle is achieved with the help of rubber diaphragms which, at the same time, ensure that the valve operates almost independent from pressure ratios. The spindle is located in slide bushes with O-rings. These O-rings are located outside the diaphragms and ensure additional safety and sealing. Thanks to the symmetric construction of the valve housing, the valve can operate as either an opening valve (WRV-O) or closing valve (WRV-S). Any change in the operation of WRV-O or WRV-S valves is achieved by turning the valve housing, so that the identification marking "1/2 DA" is pointing to the upper part. The thermostatic element consists of a corrugated pipe, capillary tube, and sensor.

Materials for parts coming into contact with water

  • Valve housing and remaining metal parts Brass (DIN 17660)
  • Diaphragms ethylene-propylene rubber
  • Valve cone: nitrile rubber
  • Valve seat: non-rusting steel (DIN 17440)
  • Sensor: tinned copper (DIN 1787)
  • Capillary pipe stuffing box: nitrile rubber

The sensor internal pressure will increase as the temperature rises. This increase in pressure is transferred to the valve cone which then opens to allow the flow. The valves are pressure-relieved in such a way that any change in water pressure will not influence the valve setting. Apart from that, the valves operate independently from the ambient temperature. The universal filling ensures perfect valve operation, irrespective of whether or not the valve housing and corrugated pipe are warmer or colder than the sensor.

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