Customized heat exchangers

Special requirements require exceptional solutions


Customized Designs

Universal Hydraulik GmbH is especially known for customized solutions with heat exchangers or cooling systems.

Customized solutions for heat exchangers is the challenge of Universal Hydraulik GmbH, when it comes to variance from the standard catalogue. One option is to use only components of the complete product, e.g. the customer provides the housing of the heat exchanger.

Cooling systems are custom-designed at Universal Hydraulik GmbH.


Gas - cooler/heater for BHKW and Fracking
Pre-heating of Bio(Erd)gas protects the gas from condensing. Fully stainless steel cooler.

Slurry (mud water) oil-cooler
Hydraulic cooling for very large brackish water flow Big water tubes 40 mm diameter.

Air Pre-heater
The environmental air is pre-heated by cooled water. The air is on the shell side.

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