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Cool, dependable and space-saving

New heat exchangers from Universal Hydraulik

Particularly when it comes to cleaning the water side, tubular heat exchangers have advantages over plate heat exchangers. Universal Hydraulik has now presented two innovations for this tried-and-tested product. One of these was given a closer look by fl uid at Kaeser Kompressoren in Coburg.

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Safe liquid cooling

Safety heat exchangers from Universal Hydraulik in operation at MTU

Cooling is everywhere in engine construction: test stands, electroplating, hydraulics and so on. At MTU Aero Engines in Munich groundwater is used for this purpose. Special heat exchangers are used to ensure that it is not put at risk.

Autor: Wolfgang Kräußlich, Leitender Chefredakteur Fluid

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Cool technology for all areas of application

Hybrid coolers ensure efficiency in oil cooling

Fire engines, gearbox manufacturers, wood working, mechanical engineering, in fact anywhere where oils are used, there is cooling. This is why the hybrid cooler from Universal Hydraulik comes in many differed versions.

by Wolfgang Kräußlich

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Two cooling circuits replace cooling tower
Universal Hydraulik Presse Artikel (DE)

Primary and secondary circuits provide high cooling output for a press.

Due to the lack of a cooling tower and corresponding available water circuit, a system specialist developed a solution comprising two inter-linked cooling circuits for dissipating the cooling output of a large hydraulic press.

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Approaching the ideal
Universal Hydraulik Presse Artikel (DE)

Pipe bundles with vanes increase the heat exchanger surface many times on the oil side

Plate or pipe-bundle heat exchangers - this is a question often decided by designers in favour of the former, due to the compactness that can be achieved. But this supposed advantage no longer comes into the balance, thanks to the development of a pipe-bundle heat exchanger with vanes.

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