In-Tank Heat Exchanger

UKC-G In Tank Heat Exchanger

The UKC (cooling cartridge of UKM) is a possible solution for your cooling problem, if you are interested in maintaining the existing shell. With this, we can develop a compact design with no separate heat exchanger. We are happy to find a custom solution.

The UKC-G from Universal Hydraulik was developed for an in-tank solution to gear boxes. It can be easily attached to existing screw threads and offers a cost-effective cooling solution.

The screw threads enable easy assembly and disassembly when product life is ending. 17 different sizes available with 1.25”, 1.5” and 2” screw threads. The installed length is variable.

Standard version

  • Space saving
  • Water side: optimized durability due water tubes
  • Screw in cooler


  • Hydro test
  • 3.1 material certificate
  • Customized solutions

For detailed product information, please see our Data sheet:


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