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New heat exchangers from Universal Hydraulik

Particularly when it comes to cleaning the water side, tubular heat exchangers have advantages over plate heat exchangers. Universal Hydraulik has now presented two innovations for this tried-and-tested product. One of these was given a closer look by fl uid at Kaeser Kompressoren in Coburg.

Sometimes, heat can be troublesome. It is generally created unintentionally, and if it is not wanted for the process, it must be dissipated. Coolingns, fans and in certain cases appropriate heat exchangers are the tools of choice here is also applies for compressors, where heat must be conducted away from both the drive train and from the compression process. Coburg-based compressed air specialist Kaeser Kompressoren uses air cooling alone for its screw compressors up to 30 kW, while for larger capacities air or water may be used, depending on the application and space requirements.  e less space is available, the more water tends to be used. For units with three- gure kW ratings, water cooling is the option most frequently used.

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